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Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance Supports Flagstaff Propositions 417, 418, 419, 420 and 421

FLAGSTAFF, AZ, October 23, 2018 – Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance’s (NALA) members have voted to support Proposition 417, known as “Education That Works for You”, Proposition 418, “Keep Flagstaff Working”, Proposition 419, “Connecting Our Community”, Proposition 420, “Bridging the Tracks”, and Proposition 421,”More buses, More Often”. In supporting these five measures, NALA recommends a yes vote on these Flagstaff initiatives on the 2018 ballot.

Proposition 417 is a measure to continue the current secondary property tax that helps fund Coconino Community College (CCC). Prop 417 won’t raise taxes, but the secondary tax, which is about $12 annually per $100,000 of assessed home value, will continue for the next seven years, to provide the funding our local community college needs to grow the programs and classes that are helping our residents get the skills necessary to find good jobs.

Proposition 418 will set Flagstaff’s minimum wage to $.50 an hour above the state’s minimum wage. It will amend Flagstaff law to be similar to state law for reviewing wage issues. NALA believes that a Yes vote in critical in order to protect our schools, more than 500 Flagstaff nonprofit organizations, and our small businesses.

Proposition 419 is a continuation of a tax that was passed 19 years ago and is set to expire next year. It is $0.426 on a $100 purchase. If passed, it will result in 11 miles of new or widened roads, and 11 miles of sidewalk and 34 miles of bike lanes.

Proposition 420 will result inthe creation of a Lone Tree Railroad overpass from Butler Ave to Route 66. This would be a new tax ($0.23 on a $100 purchase) that would remain in effect for 20 years.

Proposition 421 would increase both the number of buses and the frequency of their routes. This would also be a new tax ($0.15 on a $100 purchase) that would remain in effect for 11 years.


About Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance NALA was formed in 2004 as Flagstaff Forty, by a small group of committed Flagstaff-area business, community and education leaders as a mechanism for discussing, studying, and where appropriate, addressing critical needs of our community and state. Today NALA’s 50 nonpartisan members represent the largest organizations in Northern Arizona, with the mission of bringing business, education, and nonprofit leaders together to improve Northern Arizona by addressing critical issues in our community. More information is available at

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