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NALA members providing input to the executive team of Northern Arizona Health on the proposed new campus and health center.

T. Paul Thomas, CEO


Paul joined NALA in December 2015 and is the Executive in Residence at Northern Arizona University’s W.A. Franke College of Business as well as the Director of the Northern Arizona Nonprofit Center for Entrepreneurship


Thomas has led both private and public technology-based companies around the globe for almost three decades. As a “serial entrepreneur” he raised more than $130 million in venture capital, handled the sale or acquisition of eight businesses, and was involved in multiple IPO filings. In addition to serving as the Executive in Residence, the 1983 graduate of NAU is also an assistant professor there, teaching courses in international business, nonprofit entrepreneurship and management.


He also is currently the board chair of the non-profit Komaza, Inc. in Kenya, which creates sustainable economic opportunities for farmers through “microforestry” – the planting and maintenance of small-scale, income-generating tree farms.


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