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Flagstaff Forty honors former Executive Director Bob Millis, recruiting new CEO

Flagstaff Forty hon

ored Robert Millis during its annual meeting in June recognizing his five years of service as Executive Director. Following an exemplary career as the Director of Lowell Observatory, Millis served as a volunteer executive for Flagstaff Forty since 2009. During his tenure he lead the organization’s successful effort on legislative redistricting and the strategic emphasis on STEM education. David Engelthaler, Chair of the Flagstaff Forty Board of Directors stated, “Perhaps more than anyone else, Bob helped build the influential organization we have today. He is a leader with real integrity and a passion for improving our community.” For the first time in its history the organization will hire a CEO. Recruitment for a strategic and operational leader is underway. Flagstaff Forty was formed in 2004 by a small group of committed Flagstaff-area business leaders as a mechanism for discussing, studying, and, where appropriate, addressing critical needs of our community and state. Today, Flagstaff Forty is a nonpartisan group of business and community leaders committed to improving Flagstaff by addressing critical issues in our community. For the last several years, education has been its top priority. Flagstaff Forty launched the STEM City Initiative in 2011.

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