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Flagstaff 40 Helps Create a STEM City

Flagstaff 40 has had a strong interest in finding ways to positively impact education in our community. As Flagstaff is a science-rich community, and with the incredible need for improved literacy in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM), Flagstaff 40 made STEM one of it’s major focus areas. In August 2012, Flagstaff 40 convened a “STEM Summit” at Camp Colton, on the north side of the San Francisco Peaks. The Summit was well attended by Flagstaff’s business, education, civic and community leadership -- all signed a document committing their time and resources to building up Flagstaff as a STEM City.  In September 2012 Flagstaff 40 sponsored and Coconino Community College hosted the First Annual STEM Celebration, and awards were given to Flagstaff’s STEM Students, Teacher and Leader of the Year. Later that year, the Flagstaff City Council passed a resolution identifying Flagstaff as “America’s First STEM Community” and gateway signs stating such were posted at various highway entrances into the city. Since this initial push, the STEM City initiative has bloomed into a major community-wide effort, with a number of local and state grants and the 2013 formation of the STEM City Center, funded by NAU and located at the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET). A STEM City Coordinator is actively connecting Flagstaff’s great STEM institutions with Flagstaff’s inspiring science, technology, engineering and math teachers and their students. More information can be found at the STEM City website,

STEM City Initiative

STEM Sponsorships

STEM Community Celebration

Free and open to the public, this annual event occurs each spring and showcases the many STEM efforts currently underway in the community. (Pictures from 2015 event to the right) 


STEM Leaders Breakfast

Co-sponsored by ECoNA, STEM leaders across the community along with Flagstaff's Mayor, Jerry Nabours, and NAU's President Rita Cheng heard from keynote Tom Darcy of IBM ways in which Flagstaff can continue to develop STEM educational collaborations. Also present were representatives from the Arizona Community Foundation and the Science Foundation of Arizona. 

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