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Nathan Shelley
Senior Director, Unisource Energy Services Company, (UNSG)

Nathan directs and manages Unisource Energy, a natural gas utility serving approximately 152,000 customers in Flagstaff and surrounding cities and communities in both northern and southern Arizona.  Nathan is a 40 year natural gas utility professional and has spent the past 29 years in upper management for UNSG.  Nathan relocated to Flagstaff with UNSG in 1999 with his wife Diana.  They are married and have three adult children.   Nathan is active in a number of civic and professional organizations including the American Gas Association, Western Electric and Gas Institute and Arizona Utilities Group. He also has served in various Flagstaff interests including City of Flagstaff Traffic Commission, Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee, and the Greater Flagstaff Economic Commission.  Nathan is active and serves in his church as well as past leadership positions in the Boy Scouts of America. He and his son are both eagle scouts. 

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