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Michael Zervas
Former CEO of NALA
Emeritus Member for Life

In 2004, Michael Zervas was named the first CEO of Flagstaff 40. During his tenure, he oversaw its transformation into the Northern Arizona Leadership Alliance. His role replaced volunteer Executive Director post that was held by Dr. Robert Millis for the previous five years. 


Michael was a long time member of NALA and a founding partner of Mountain Heart Sleep and Cardiovascular Center of Excellence. Besides founding Mountain Heart, Michael has developed a number of successful businesses, currently consults on business start-ups around the globe. He worked closely with NACET and local businesses to foster good business practices and early success.


He is a trained mixed martial artist and keeps his edge with regular workouts. Michael's commitment to business is only matched by his commitment to social responsibilities.  He sits on the board of several charitable organizations in the U.S. and Canada and volunteers at the Flagstaff Family Food Center.  He has been married for more than 20 years and has two children.


He was named Emeritus Member for Life in 2016.



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