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David Abeyta
Cardiovascular Business Leader
W. L. Gore & Associates

David Abeyta, a cardiovascular business leader, joined Gore in 2002. He began his Gore career as a financial analyst with the vascular business and later spent eight years as aortic business leader before moving into his current commitment in 2011.​


As a financial analyst, David focused on forecast, sales and operational planning, as well as product portfolio and new business development. During his time with the vascular business, the portfolio included all of Gore’s surgical vascular grafts and catheter-based—or endovascular—medical devices.


In 2004, the vascular business reorganized into two separate businesses, one focusing on products that treat peripheral vascular disease and another on products that treat conditions affecting the body’s largest artery, the aorta. David transitioned into a leadership role with the aortic business, where he helped expand the product offerings and create and conduct clinical trials for new product indications. He also focused considerably on team development and the expansion of the business’ resources in the United States and abroad. During this time, the aortic products portfolio evolved from a primarily surgical-based one into a largely endovascular-based portfolio. 


David transitioned into his current role, as a cardiovascular business leader, in 2012. Gore’s aortic, lower limb, stroke and venous/access businesses fall under the cardiovascular umbrella. David is part of a core leadership team working to continue the cardiovascular business’s strong growth trajectory while assessing the organizational changes necessary to support such growth. 


David earned his bachelor’s degree in accounting from Northern Arizona University and his master of business administration from Arizona State University. Prior to joining Gore, he spent 14 years with Motorola in various financial roles.

David resides in Flagstaff with his wife and family. Hobbies include running, hiking and motorcycling.

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