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Robert L. Millis
Retired, Lowell Observatory

Astronomer Bob Millis was a member of the Lowell Observatory staff from 1965 and director of the institution from 1989 until his retirement June 15, 2009. During his directorship, the Observatory substantially increased its staff and built major new facilities including the Steele Visitor Center, the John M. Wolff instrument facility, and, most recently, the 4.2-meter Discovery Channel Telescope near Happy Jack. Millis is a past chairman of the Division for Planetary Sciences (the world's largest organization of planetary astronomers) and has served on a variety of NASA and National Science Foundation advisory and oversight boards, panels, and committees. He is a member of the boards of Science Foundation Arizona and United Way of Northern Arizona, and has previously served on the boards of the Arizona Arts, Sciences, and Technology Academy and Flagstaff Forty. He became executive director of Flagstaff Forty in July 2009. Bob is married to Julie Millis, a long-time, but now retired, Flagstaff High School math teacher.​

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