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Theresa McMullan
Environmental Committee Chair
Grand Canyon Conservancy  
Theresa Headshot 01.jpg

Theresa McMullan leads Grand Canyon Conservancy’s diverse activities in raising private funds to benefit Grand Canyon National Park, growing earned income streams through operating retail stores within the park, and providing educational and adventure opportunities through the Grand Canyon Conservancy Field Institute. 


Theresa joined Grand Canyon Conservancy as a board member in 2014 and transitioned to staff in June 2015. As the previous Chief Operating Officer for GCC, she provided oversight of retail operations, human resources, publishing, IT, and facilities management. 


Through her leadership, retail sales increased 66 percent in four years. She also served as the acting chief financial officer for eight months in 2016. She has worked closely with the NPS staff at Grand Canyon to implement special projects related to major fundraising initiatives and has participated with the park’s Inter-tribal Working Group to further the visitor connection to the 11 associated American Indian tribes to Grand Canyon National Park.

Prior to GCC, Theresa was the Vice President of Marketing & Merchandising for SkyMall (the company that produced the in-flight shopping catalog) in Phoenix, Arizona and the co-founder and president of a strategic marketing firm. Theresa is an avid hiker and enjoys exploring the Grand Canyon backcountry.

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