Scott Hathcock

Scott Hathcock joined NALA in November 2016 and is the President and CEO of Moonshot at the Northern Arizona Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology (NACET).  He also has served on NALA’s executive board as the economic chair. 


Scott is a “recovering” entertainment executive of 18 years.  He helped launch, distribute and rebrand the cable networks PBS Kids Sprout, Versus, and Speedvision before jumping into the tech-startup space. Scott relocated to Flagstaff, Arizona in 2012 from Los Angeles with his wife and teenage children.  Since moving to Flagstaff, he served as the Vice President of Business Development for the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce.  At the Chamber, he was instrumental in introducing coding to kids through the “Ready Set Code” initiative and launching the summer FLG Code Camp.  Scott is also a co-founder of the Flagstaff Tech Track, a digital professional network group.